Too Much Foreskin. A Short Story Dedicated To My Mother.

Dedicated to my Mama y Papa and to all parent’s who love their children unconditionally. And to the victims of El Salvador’s civil war, of course. When I was born, I was born in El Salvador. My country was torn by the unrest of civil war and the malicious murder of God’s servant, Oscar Romero y Galdamez. … More Too Much Foreskin. A Short Story Dedicated To My Mother.

Real Friends

When was the last time I remembered a birthday? – Kanye West, “Real Friends.” It’s almost midnight in Toronto. There’s a blizzard brewing in the streets, which means: there’s Canada gooses flying everywhere. You all thought they all went South? Nah. I’m just fuckin’ with you. I’m inside my house. The heat is up. And I … More Real Friends


Had anybody asked me at 18 where I’d be as an adult in my 30s, I probably wouldn’t have guessed still living with my fucking parents (Whom I love. Thanks for the free room and food!)… But I for sure would have never dreamed that on December 18th, 2015,  me and my crew would be … More THAT RAP LIFE THO

Alive Again

And everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah – Kid Cudi Before my life exploded in Grand Prairie, Alberta, I was having the time of my life, being a comedian, on the road with my good friend, Jesse Owens, and my mentor, Dave Merheje. Even though it was only three cities (Medicine Hat, Saskatoon, and Regina,) … More Alive Again