Lies: The Truth of The Future

Incredible article by our girl, Aisha Brown!


Honesty is fine, but I’ve often rejected it as the best policy. I like avoidance and vague statements. Remember the bald guy in “The Matrix”? The one who screwed over everybody because he hated eating mush, and living on a ship with a beautiful woman who only had eyes for Keanu “Chosen One” Reeves? He wanted to be put back into the Matrix, as a steak eating famous actor, with no awareness that he was a battery in a pod, fueling evil computer overlords… Because the alternative was just a lifetime on a shitty vessel, eating goop, running from robot octopi, knowing that since he couldn’t dodge bullets, he might as well cut his dick off… I wasn’t for the evil agents, or for Neo. I was team Baldy. He was tricked! Since when does taking a pill from a guy in a trench coat, lead to a lifetime of…

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