Excerpt From: Dreams Do Come True. Even The Tiniest.

“Mark James Heath is not only one of the best comedians in Canada, but he is also an incredibly talented Emcee and spoken word artist, who’s originally from Chicago! Aisha Brown and Jhanelle Dennis aren’t only two of the fastest rising comedians in Toronto, but they can also sing their asses off and rap the gigantic ass off of Nicki Minaj. Also, they’re both from Scarborough, bitches! And the newest addition to our team, the businessman, Kweku Winful will knock the fuck out of Stephen Harper and Donald Trump if he has to. And me, I’m not doing stand up comedy at the moment. A few gigs here and there, but thanks to “Baby Dick” and the marriage between Hip-Hop and comedy, I’m finally able to give the kid I used to be the dream he always wanted. Enjoy.”

-Marito Antonio Lopez

Excerpt From: That Rap Life Tho

“The truth is, I feel extremely lucky to work with every single comic in this group, and the comics who lent their considerable talents to the album (Dave Merheje, Keith Pedro, Big Norm, Kyle Hickey, Chris Robinson, Paul Thompson, Nick Reynoldson). I also need to mention how lucky we were to have found Pino Russo, who apparently was Marito’s manager at “Fresh”(Some healthy juice spot that seems to employ 80% of the artists in Toronto). He produced every track on this album, and is the entire reason that it sounds as polished and musically credible as it does. He is also the reason that I sound like I can sing (Ashanti and J. Lo! Contact Pino post haste!). I hate when people use the term organically, because it always brings to mind a farm run by middle aged hipsters… But this album for real came together organically.”

-Aisha Brown

Lots of love and big thanks to COMEDY RECORDS, for letting us rap about tiny dicks, and our dreams!